Squeals, Squeaks And Creaks: Why Your Garage Door System Is Making Strange Noises

If something within your garage door system is not operating correctly, your garage door system will let you know. Listening carefully to your garage door, electric opener and tracks will clue you in to any potential problems. Here are a few of the sounds your garage door system may make if something is amiss and what these sounds mean. 

Squealing or Squeaking

The number one reason why a garage door system will squeal or squeak is because something needs to be oiled or lubricated. The track system, wheels on the door and chain on the electric opener all need to be routinely cleaned, oiled and lubricated to operate properly. If these things are not done, dirt and debris can build up on them, causing problems as the door goes to open. Oil or a lubricant is also needed as it helps the metal to glide correctly, preventing squealing or squeaking. 

Creaking or Cracking

Creaking or cracking is not a sound that you want to hear when your garage door goes to open. But if you hear this sound, you likely have a problem with the springs that support your garage door. Look up in the upper right and left corners of your garage door. You will see a spring on both sides. These springs extend as the garage door opens and retract as the door closes. Over time, the spring can stretch out and lose elasticity. It can even snap and break. If you hear creaking or cracking, open your door and watch the springs. If they are stretched out or broken, the creaking or cracking you are hearing is caused as the weight of the door is being supported by the tracks, rather than distributed among the tracks and springs. This can weigh on the tracks and cause the creaking and cracking noises you hear. 


If you hear a grinding noise when your garage door opens or closes, the wheels on your garage door are likely grinding into the metal track. This occurs when the track has shifted from its original position or has become bent or dented. The track may shift when screws loosen due to the vibration of a garage door opening or closing. Inspecting the screws and tightening them as needed can help prevent this problem. The track can bend or dent if something hits it, like a child playing with a ball or a rock flying up and hitting the track. If a dent is present, have the track repaired to prevent your door from hitting the dent and grinding. 

if your garage door system is squealing, squeaking, creaking, cracking or grinding, you should have it inspected in a timely manner. This allows a garage door company to make the needed adjustments or repairs before bigger problems arise that can prevent your system from properly operating or causing costly damage. 

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