3 Questions To Consider When Installing A Garage Door

When it's time to replace your garage door, there are a lot of features to consider. While a breathtakingly handcrafted wooden garage door may be beautiful, it may not be worth the money or work. If you aren't sure which type of garage door is right for you, check out these three questions that will help guide your decision.

How Much Money Are You Willing to Spend?

Garage doors aren't cheap, but they vary in price considerably, depending on the type of material you choose. If you need something cheap, you'll want to stick with steel and aluminum garage doors, which cost about $750 to $1200 for the doors and installation. Wood, is typically a more expensive choice, costing $800 to $3000. The reason wooden garage doors vary in price so wildly is because you can choose standard styles or have one custom made to your specifications. Plywood is another option, and it is incredibly cheap at about $750, but it is not as durable or secure as metal or solid wood.

How Much Routine Maintenance Will You Do?

Many people don't consider how much work wood requires to keep it looking good. When exposed to the elements, wood can rot, warp and become infested with termites or other bugs. Therefore, if you choose a wooden garage door, you'll need to do a lot of work to keep it stained or painted and the weather-stripping well-maintained, so the door doesn't become damaged. With steel and aluminum, you may need to repaint, but for the most part, you just need to keep them clean. Aluminum and steel, however, are not quite as durable as wood because they are prone to dents.

What Type of Items Do You Store in Your Garage?

You should also consider what types of items you store in your garage. If you only keep your car and some yard equipment, insulation doesn't matter, so hollow steel, hollow aluminum or plywood is a great choice. However, if you keep anything sensitive to heat/cold like electronics, photos, etc., you'll want some insulation to keep them safe. Wood has high insulating properties, but plywood, steel and aluminum do not. You can, however, purchase metal garage doors with insulation added to the inside. If you have bedrooms above the garage, you'll also want good insulation.

A garage door is an important feature of your home, so choose one that works for your home and your needs, so you don't waste money on an expensive door you don't maintain. For more information regarding garage doors and garage door services, contact a specialist today.

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