What To Consider When Installing A New Garage Door

Even if you don't use your garage door often, you need to keep it well-maintained, and replace it when necessary. A damaged or weak garage door doesn't offer much protection against the elements or intruders. If you believe your garage door needs to be replaced, check out these four factors you must consider before you buy.

The Cost

Start your new project by determining your budget. This is important because the type of material you choose drastically affects the price. The cheapest garage door option is plywood. Plywood costs about $400 to $700, but plywood has few benefits because it is weak and thin. A better cheap option is metal. Steel and aluminum garage doors cost between $750 and $1200 to purchase and install. With metal doors, you typically have a limited selection of options when it comes to style.

Wood garage doors are the most expensive option. They cost $800 to $3000. The least expensive wood garage doors are stock styles, but you can also have your wooden garage door customized, which increases the price.

The Maintenance

Before you remodel any part of your home, it's good to know how much maintenance will be necessary to keep it looking good. With your garage door, if you aren't going to put much effort into keeping it well-maintained, choose metal. Metal garage doors need to be cleaned with a hose or pressure washer occasionally as dirt builds.

Wooden garage doors require more work because wood decays so easily. For starters, you need to keep the door well-painted or stained, which protects the wood from rot or warping when exposed to the elements. Pests like termites are another threat to your wooden garage door, so you may need to spray pest killer near it occasionally. Last, you'll need to keep the weather-stripping on the bottom of the door intact.

The Durability

Durability is another consideration. Plywood is the least durable choice. Even someone kicking the garage door hard may cause damage, making it a poor option if you live in an area with bad weather or need a sturdy and secure garage door. Real wood is a much more durable option as it is not prone to scratching or denting.

Metal garage doors are the least durable, especially if they have a thin gauge. They are prone to scratches, which could lead to rust, depending on the type of metal. Metal garage doors are also more prone to dents, but they are not likely to break like plywood.

The Insulating Properties

For some people, the garage is only a place to store yard equipment, cars, sports equipment, etc. If this is the case, you don't need to worry about insulation because those items aren't likely to become damaged or weakened when exposed to hot or cold weather. However, if you store items that can be affected by heat/cold, you need a garage door with insulation. Similarly, if you have bedrooms above the garage, it's best to keep your garage well insulated, so the rooms don't get too hot or too cold.

The best garage door material for natural insulation is wood. A solid wood garage door has enough natural insulation to keep the temperature in your garage more comfortable. Metal has little insulation, but metal garage doors are hollow, so they are often filled with insulation to give them a better R-value.

When it's time to replace your garage door, one of the most important decisions to make is which type of material you want to choose. While wood is beautiful and durable, it is much more expensive than metal. For more information regarding garage doors, contact a technician in your area today.

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