2 Things That Can Shorten the Life of Your Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs don't last forever. However, garage door springs can last you a good long time before you need to replace or repair them. Unfortunately, quite a few things that can cause your garage springs to have a far shorter life than they should.

1. Using Garage Door Springs Made by Questionable Manufacturers

Quality matters when it comes to garage door springs. Many garage spring manufacturers are out there. Some have names that professionals know well. Still, people often choose springs without considering where those springs originated.

Many garage doors come with springs. When that's the case, it's just as important to make sure the garage door itself came from a reputable manufacturer. Cheaply made springs will wear or break far sooner than high-quality springs. In fact, springs from questionable manufacturers can lose a lot of their life before they ever make it to your garage door.

For example, if a manufacturer lacks good quality control the spring can suffer damage before it leaves the warehouse. Even a small nick from a small drop can become a large weak point to a garage door spring. The manufacturer may not store their springs properly. You can end up with a spring that's ready to start rusting before you even install it.

All of this and more is why you need to choose springs from reputable manufacturers. Or, you need to do business with a garage door and repair service that sources their equipment from reputable manufacturers.

2. Having Your Springs Installed by Questionable Contractors

A contractor that isn't sure of what they're doing can cause you more grief than anything else. Your garage door springs require a professional installation. Springs must match your garage door's requirements. Using the wrong springs on your garage door can cause them to wear faster.

The wrong springs can also represent a hazard. A questionable contractor may not alert you to the fact the springs you have aren't suitable for the garage door you have.

Such contractors may ignore the garage door manufacturer's weight specifications. They may install the springs in an unsafe manner. These possibilities can also occur when homeowners attempt to manipulate garage springs themselves.

Only a professional garage spring repair and installation service should add or remove garage springs. Don't leave your garage spring service up to any contractor who claims they can do it. In addition, messing around with garage springs isn't something you should attempt yourself. If you're not absolutely sure of what you're doing, call a professional or go to websites for further information.

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