Comparing Vinyl And Wooden Garage Panels

Overhead garage door replacement is a very rewarding upgrade. Your garage can be a major style feature on your exterior. If you are a homeowner who is constantly update your home and changing the style, you should definitely invest in garage doors that have replaceable panels. Many modern garage have panels that sit within metal frames. When you remove a few bolts, the panels can be removed from the frame. This means that homeowners can effectively alter the style of their garage by just ordering new panels and replacing them. This can definitely be a manageable do it yourself project. This article focuses on two of the most popular panel materials.

Hardwood Panels

Hardwood panels are extremely popular because of the way that they look. Homeowners love having the classy look of real hardwood panels. Most modern hardwood panels are not solely made out of hardwood. That is, they consist of a thin veneer of hardwood that is attached to an aluminum or vinyl paint. This means that the panel will not shrink or warp, which is a major concern with real wood.

However, even with the synthetic backing that is not susceptible to warping, the front of your panel is still going to be susceptible to water damage. This means that it will need to be refinished and resealed over the years.

Vinyl Panels

If you want something that requires absolutely no maintenance, vinyl is the way to go. Vinyl is probably the most common modern garage panel material because it is lightweight, and it looks warmer and more stylish than aluminum. It has replaced aluminum as the go-to material for tract home. It also has better insulation because it is thicker and doesn't transfer heat as quickly.

Vinyl is an ideal material for garage panels, particularly for homeowners who just want something reliable and easy to take care of. Most vinyl panels are going to have a fake wooded texture that looks like real wood grains. This texture definitely doesn't create the exact look of real wood, but it does give it a little more class and warmth.

As you can see, both wood and vinyl are great materials for garage panels. You just need to decide if you can handle the maintenance of owning hardwood panels. They might look better at first, but they can look very aged and dated if they are not properly cared for. For more information, contact companies like Automatic Door Company.

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