Garage Door Safety Hazards Of Concern

Is your garage door attempting to close even when there is an obstruction, making you concerned that some may get injured by your garage door? This problem can be the result of several parts needing some prompt attention. Garage door are actually built with safety mechanisms in place that are supposed to prevent the door from moving if there is a person or object beneath it. You might want to get your garage door inspected, repaired, or replaced by a professional if it is functioning in a problematic manner that puts your safety at risk. This article provides information in regards to the parts of your garage door that might need to be inspected and repaired.

The Sensors Stopped Working

If your garage door was able to move while you were standing beneath it, the sensors may be in a bad condition. The sensors are in place to detect when there is something beneath the door so it will not move. When the sensors are properly functioning, they will usually need to be reset in order for the door to resume opening and closing. If the sensors failed to do their job, it is possible that they are dirty or damaged. Getting the sensors cleaned or replaced might be necessary to bring the garage door to a safe operating condition.

Torsion Springs Are Loosely Coiled

The torsion springs on a garage door can pose a major safety risk, and for more than one reason. For instance, if the coils are too loose, it can lead to the door closing with a substantial amount of speed and possibly causing an injury. If the coils are damaged and not secure enough, they can snap when least expected with a large amount of force. The tension that the springs are under can send the flying at your body or vehicle and causing a lot of harm. You might need to get the springs inspected in case they are in prompt need of a repair.

Rollers Are Loose or Damaged

The rollers can have an effect on the speed in which a garage door moves and possibly create a safety hazards. If the rollers are too loose, you should get them tighten up so the door won't move to fast. If the rollers are damaged beyond repair, getting them replaced is in your best interest. Excessive rust and large dents can make the metal rollers stop functioning properly. Keep in mind that if multiple parts are damaged along with the door, it is wise to simply get a new one installed.

Contact a garage door installation and repair service for more help.

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