The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wood Garage Doors

Despite the many different options available, the traditional option of wood garage doors is still one of the most popular choices people pick. This popularity is due largely in part to the aesthetically pleasing nature of wood grains. However, like all garage door options, wood garage doors have both advantages and disadvantages. It is important for you to consider all of these factors before deciding if a wood garage door is right for your home. 

The Advantages Of Wood Garage Doors


Wood is one of nature's most powerful insulators. This is precisely why so many animals turn to hollowed-out logs as a source of protection from the elements. Choosing a wood garage door for your home can allow you to enjoy this same impressive level of protection against the elements inside your home.


Assuming that you properly care for your wood garage door, you can expect this door to last for as long as a few decades before it needs to be replaced. For many homeowners, this means that their garage door will last as long as they own their home.

Ability To Customize

Like most garage door options, wood garage doors can be purchased in a wide variety of colors and finishes. What really sets wood apart from many other building materials is the ease with which its appearance can be customized over the years. This is because you can always choose to sand down the existing finish and stain or paint the door an entirely different color if you so choose. This means that choosing to alter the appearance of the exterior of your home does not need to mean the need to purchase a whole new garage door.

The Disadvantages Of Wood Garage Doors


No matter what type of garage door you ultimately choose, you can expect to make a rather substantial investment when choosing to install a brand new door on your garage. However, you can expect this investment to be just a bit higher if the door you choose is constructed from wood. If cost is a primary factor for you when selecting a garage door, this could be a rather serious disadvantage.

Maintenance Requirements

Natural materials often require more maintenance than man-made materials, and wood garage doors are no exception to this rule. In order to protect your garage door from damage over the years, you will need to take steps to ensure it is resealed periodically. This will involve the need to either stain or paint the door. If you are looking for a door that is virtually maintenance-free, wood garage doors will not be the right option for you. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for garage doors for your home.

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