Why Your Garage Door Is Dangerous To Fix Yourself

When your garage door needs to be repaired, it's important to make sure that the repairs are carried out by a professional. Repairing your garage door on your own can be highly dangerous and you are likely to injure yourself. There are several reasons why repairing your own garage door is so dangerous.

Garage Door Springs Are Dangerous

The main issue with a garage door is that the springs are placed under a lot of tension and a garage door is large and heavy. It is likely the largest moving object in your home. Since the cables are under a lot of tension, this can cause the brackets to go flying and injure you.

You Need the Right Tools to Safely Fix Your Door

You will need to unwind the torsion springs, which are under a lot of pressure. To avoid accidents, you will need to use the right type of torsion spring winding bars when working with old torsion springs. Not using the right tools while trying to service the spring can be highly dangerous.

Extension Springs Are Dangerous When They Break

If your garage door uses extension springs, they can be highly dangerous if they break because the springs can fly out with a great deal of force as they break. Individuals working on garage doors have probably been severely injured by extension springs. When a garage door repair technician is servicing the door, they usually keep themselves in a position where they will not be in the path of the spring as they service the door.

Section Joints Can Pinch Your Fingers

The open section joints can also be dangerous and some individuals have pinched their fingers causing broken finger bones or lost fingers. Therefore, you will never want to place your finger in the section joint under any circumstances.

The Garage Door Opener Might Not Function Properly

While a garage door can be very heavy, it usually has a reversing mechanism that prevents the door from crushing an individual when a sensor detects that there is an obstruction. However, if the sensor or the garage opener is defective, the garage door will potentially fall and cause you to become injured. 

When you are working with a garage door repair technician, not only will they be able to take the best possible safety precautions when fixing your door, but they will also be able to repair your door right the first time. 

For more information, contact a company that offers garage door opener repair services. 

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